#8 Re-encounter with Sonal



“hello, Shyam Right”

“I thought you must have forgotten me”

“I almost did. So wassup, what are you doing in here”

“Why can’t I come to an ice cream parlor” I replied almost out of temper after listening her reply

“I didn’t said that, so are you alone”

“no… ca..” A familiar voice came from behind “Sonal you’re here I’ve been looking for you all around”

“Excuse me who is there”

After a bit pressure on my head I remembered it was Krishna

Sonal in explanatory manner said “remember that high school kid, its Krishna”

“Yes that clown who was beaten teasing a senior’s sis right, how can I forget him, I thought he won’t ever return Allahabad after much of insult” said Krishna

My blood went on boil however I controlled myself and replied behaving like I don’t remember him “ Well you look familiar and you know much about me, but I can’t remember you”

“Shyam” called Khalid “dude what the hell are you doing just pay the bill and then we’ll leave, Riya has called me for hundred times” he spoke sitting on his chair

“Excuse me” I said without waiting for his reply turned around and moved

I paid the bill and then moved to the table were rest were sitting all my new friends which involved Khalid, Diya, Shivam, Shubham, Swati and also to mention Angry Girl Riya(Khalid’s girlfriend) who was not there at the moment as she went to give SAT examination in which none of us dared to appear even I had a reason since I am a Biology student and how can a Bio guy appear in Engineering entrance however to be true if I would have been from mathematics even then I won’t have dared to appear in SAT.

All of us stood and moved to Parking where we had our cars parked I walked with Dipti my closest friend as I approached to my car I saw Sonal approaching towards us in a hurry and called my name I stopped or actually froze I was afraid if she started in front of them.

“hey Shyam, we’ve organized a party here’s a invitation you need to come” said Sonal

“Sorry but I’ll leave today, Classes start from Monday”

“Really, which classes do start in last week of June”

“Mine do. I can’t come”

“hey, forget that high school stuff then we were kid”

Dipti interrupted, “what’s that high school stuff Shyam did you had something like your heart broken by a girl or something”

Sometimes here guesses were very accurate like no one else can have; I believed that she had some supernatural power to read people’s brain. I wanted to stop Sonal from spelling all that in front of Diya and thus said “Ok give me the card I’ll come” Almost snatched the card from Sonal’s hand and said “bye” in hurry I sat in car and asked Diya to sit and then drove in hurry as I passed by Sonal I saw Krishna rushing towards her in between Diya asked me about her and that high school stuff which I told her partially hiding my part but as I reached Hotel Galaxy where we stayed since we came to Allahabad and entered in my room which I shared with Diya and locked it I laid on my bed a it had two separate beds and closed my eyes I never thought but that was happening to me again I was again thinking of Sonal thoughts came in my mind like is Sonal in Relationship with Krishna?, had She never thought about me the way I did? And all those useless thoughts I never wanted to be in.

It was now even getting difficult for me to make a decision to leave or attend that party but finally I decided to go there with Diya as she could stopped me to do any wrong.


#7 Inert life


Feeling good as just got off this stress and it hadn’t even been a week either and the effect was clear i was out of all mental pressure all my confusions were blown and the only think which mattered me was my success and my ambition which had been faded till date. With all that I got back to a hard life which was scheduled to meet all my needs my day started on 06.00 am and I went to bed back at 01:30 am in between I took a nap from 03:00pm to 04:00pm, my only activities included three activities at most those were physics, chemistry and biology.

A year passed the way I planned and I liked living that way but somewhere within me was someone who opposed this lifestyle a year passed and I grew fat that isolated year changed me completely now no chick would ever distract me and why even one will like I changed from what I used to be a cool boy to a geeky moron but this didn’t actually helped me it took me out of other troubles like the ones which often distracted me like she but not with my performance for what I did all this for, instead because of all this depressive lifestyle it went down my grades of what I was so proud of. I knew everything but even then I failed to get grades in between I rescheduled my daily routine several times like my sleeping time changed from 1:30 am to 11:30 pm and sometimes it fell to 10:00 pm and poorer studies.

At last by the end of year I finally got tired and my motivation failed to drive me then one day after I returned home after attending a marriage party in my grandmother’s house i reactivated my facebook and logged in and check3d each profile to check what I missed and my eyes fell upon Sonal’s account and I checked her profile where I found last post “Sonal changed her profile picture” she really looked pretty in this picture my eyes froze over her face for a while then I looked at her clothes she wore a pantoon color sublimation painted short sleeve t shirt and a indigo denim her eyes looked as beautiful as ever and then I saw the day it was posted on it was November 2016, and for a while I got back to what she meant to me and was lost in her beauty and logged on to wattpad to check her most recent activity that to was depressing as she last read a book in December 2016, for a while I was shocked and afraid as well I just prayed god if everything was all right then I got an idea I opened her wattpad profile and texted her

“are you all right.. long time no see I guess you don’t use this service now a days and it may take a year or longer since you re login and by the time I might have left using this application but if you wish to reply then contact on google plus”

I texted this big message and left it on her but soon my brain caught an idea that maybe she just stopped using all this stuff and she is trying to isolate herself to prevent distraction from her studies and to focus on her studies, this was quite justified and was what I concluded and then I made my mind to get back to my studies as usual, she has always been lucky to me as this time she is just entry of her profile in my life gave me enough motivation that I may again work hard for year and by the time I realized that actually I never forgot her but I was sure that I didn’t loved her I don’t know why but I just cared about her even though I was quite sure that she must have forgot me and this was the feeling that drove me that always motived me to be realized but I had a lot of difficulties that needed to be solved out to be back on track like the one of keeping my brain concentrated and prevent it from getting board but I was quite sure that her memory is enough to keep me concentrated.

#6 Next exam



My life took a sharp turn here after meeting that pretty foreign particle I mean Ayesa for a while I thought like I can handle myself after all she wasn’t that pretty but actually I was deeply lost in her thoughts and I even after knowing that I was going down wasn’t doing much effort to rise it wasn’t very late when I gotcha see first effect of this new addiction it was the very next exam in the new school and examination hall actually worked like a good starring hall for me where I sat on a seat quite far away from her and used to stare at her fir which I actually saved some time by completing my paper before and in some exam I even tried to be hero by doing some silly acts which actually all combined took me in a situation quite undescribable my days went this way and nights on Facebook waiting for her to be online she was often online by 12:30am or so instead of studying that time I used it to look if she is online and to chat with her and everything was getting right but after a week I found like she wasn’t replying to all my messages in this time I made some new friends in my new school one of them was Jackie and he was the only one to know in so detail of what was actually going wrong with me.

School took not so much time to present our results to our parents and the hellish day was coming Saturday when our parents were called to school to collect our results the thing which shocked everyone was my unexpected marks this time not good ones for the first time I crossed the level of 9.0 cgpa and falling from top scored almost 78% even after that I was forgiven without saying a single word since even after being so bad in overall I topped biology and informatics practices and was above 90% in English doing my worst in chemistry accompanied by physics.

Same evening I had a case which put me back on track that night I was sitting with Jackie and at the same time answering numerous of questions asking how were marks but one thing I found distinct was that I found no posts of Ayesha floating on my timeline which was very uncommon so I went in my profile and had a look at my friend list and shock by act spoke

“Finally she did blocked me and it ended, I’m not sure why she did blocked me….”

“Cool down bro… Why are you wasting your time on her, she doesn’t worth your time”

I don’t completely agreed with this, instead after listening to his words lines on my forehead increased and the zigzag ones were straight now.

By the next morning motivations again flooded in me and I was again back in my previous form class again felt my presence that day was completely mine sine no one did answered any question before me and I throughout the day not even played a bit time looking at her.



#5 Crush


It wasn’t that difficult to understand the fact that I’ve already lost my heart but yet I’m distracted by this new caprise for sure I wasn’t distracted for long by her but yet she had ability to distract me for least for one day, surely I’ve recovered from that distractive situation but yet I think of what would happen if I continued being distracted by every new foreign particle in the body (surely parasitic one) so talking about the day the day was a masterpiece in the series of boring ones and date was recorded to be June 30 for sure I will forget the date as soon as I realize that the day was practically of no use nothing was that worse until Vivek came in class and looking towards us shouted “WTF”, I didn’t knew why he reacted that way nevertheless I paid a bit attention towards him and his eyes diverted me towards her (its better to say her “her” because I didn’t actually knew that annomilie girl’s name by then) she was wearing a Green(actually Emerald) gown which looked more like a night suite and had a fair much of a pretty face without any spots or pimples on her face and had pinkish-red lips her face was a fair one with a very little touch of pale.


My attention went and paused for a fraction of a second and my PC hanged graphics cards were however compatible and I was back to sense but for the first time I didn’t had that strong attraction towards any such gorgeous girl and the moment I could think of one and only one young lady(better to say a girl) but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I wasn’t interested in her for half of the time I saw her I kept on praying that she would have opted for biology yet after all that I could do nothing except trying to hide my emotions and prevent any eye or any other contact with her because I was well aware of the fact that this was a kinda dream which could take me so away from my actual target that I would have no way left for a successful return but the magic of her face lasted long as long as a day and I ended all that thinking of Sonal and making a promise to myself not to run behind any girl until I get my aim .


It was now clear to me that I won’t let any girl come in my life that way until I reach my goal and achieve what I wanted but the day was brutal for the first case I was again distracted and then again the incidents took place with me which definitely proved me a clown after being so good for the past few days this time I had my worst of all impression in the school and anywhere else and after facing all this It felt like I was again getting into depression I needed to prevent myself from getting into all this.


But to be true she was very pretty and looked prettier when he smiled and without any hesitation I kept looking her as much as a minute in every ten minutes.




#4 Dissolution


“No I don’t mean that” I said

“Oh… Really” she replied

“That book is extremely awesome I recommend you to read that”

“Yeah I will I will read that sometime but right now I am reading a different one”

I was on a slow internet connection an Indian 2G so I tried to send a message but it failed several times and finally when It worked it returned with a reply you cannot send messages to this person.

For the next two days I thought of all the possible reasons for that and did all efforts to send a sorry message for replying late but the same response came from Facebook and finally I understood that she might have blocked me on messenger and I believed that she would unblock me sooner or later but finally my faith turned into frustration and then in anger and that anger kept on inspiring me to do something great from that day I used Facebook 99% lesser then I usually did increased my daily dose of biology and wanted to achieve more than anyone I know wanted to earn more reputation more money but actually was fet up of friends and it was the biggest turn my life would have ever taken not because of my migration but because of people’s attitude towards me but I never realized that this was not what I wanted. I was isolated soon people’s behavior and response became even harsh my anger increased and as this all was happening I stopped stepping outside my house my daily routine became home school and then again home which occasionally involved visiting soon I realized that I knew everything and I felt problem expressing that i started feeling that there is nothing left to do in world all this all what we humans have made and constructed are of no use they are nothing on the universal level that actually pushed me In a condition when thoughts of committing suicide came to my mind without any reason I started disliking anything and everything the this which I disliked most was stepping out of my room of that darkness my parents started worrying even more about me sometimes even day passed and I never stepped outside my room my habits changed instead of doing dinner with family I liked doing it doing television even after all this my diets remained same which made even more trouble since eating lot and no work made me fatter each day I felt like I was getting lazier since I realized that I was getting fat even then I disliked doing any hard work I even stopped doing the regular exercises which I used to do the life was becoming a burden but because of my family I slowly recovered of all this it was my father who forcefully sent me out to play my mother who send me out to meet other kids (however those kid were boring enough to send a healthy person to depression) greater improvement was seen when my sister returned home after finishing her b. tech and soon we launched our website gamewithtechnology.com which was earlier a Facebook page we made just for fun but as soon we launched it we started getting good public response but we had no ads to display but that worked good to keep me connected with rest of the world the only problem it created for me was the distraction it created in my life how it distracted me from studies. But since more than a month passed of all this even then I don’t forgot her she still came in my mind for more than 100 times I even now checked for if she would have unblocked me but because of all this I got even more rough and emotion less which I remained for left of my life one chronic effect she made in my life was that she provided my life a mission to win over everyone to achieve more than everyone also she changed my interests to a great extent my interest in Politics changed to a great extent also my taste of movies changed from Bollywood completely and Hollywood was my only taste by now I started disappearing form Facebook and What’s app for weeks and in KV I took moral from SMC and made no new friends neither I was in touch with the older ones that much all I liked was writing, reading and learning all other passions got fixed in a different category soon my category In class changed from a cool boy to geek the ones whom I disliked sometimes but they were not really that bad. In that time I started picturing my journal in a book and posing it as a daily update on wattpad.


#3 Bye- Bye SMC

“Dad can’t we stay a year more in Allahabad so that I finish my intermediate in SMC” I said


“no son I tried as much as I can i will have to take this promotion they say they have extreme shortage at that post” he replied


“so that means I’ll have to take migration from school”


“I think that is the only option”


“so where will I take admission next year or better I should leave SMC this year and restart my studies ”


“I think that will be a better option” said dad


Next day the news spread like a forest fire in school and friends were on my desk as soon as I arrived in class however teachers didn’t knew it until Yash told them about this in class however I don’t care much for friends or teachers as I don’t had very good contacts with them if anyone I was going to miss was Sonal since it hadn’t spent much time together but how much we did (that is 1 hour of her life 45 min in lab+ 15 minutes chatting) we had good time if we remove what happened on what’s app group I wasn’t sure if she would miss me but I would surely miss her.


I felt like this was the best option in the situation since I don’t had much friends so it was easier for me to leave my school then most of us but leaving school was not that easy after all that was the place where I spent 13 years of my life and had most of my life incidences/co-incidences but finally I prepared myself since this was what I actually wanted I knew that I had spoiled everything so it was better to leave match then to waste balls when you can’t score.


My last day at SMC was a nice one since everyone behaved well even my newly made enemy Krishna did but the only person who didn’t came even once to say bye was the person whom I thought that I would miss the most her behavior made it easier for me to forget her and her pretty face and her dark hair which I never really forgot. The very next day we left for our new destination Rae Bareli which was my hometown but since I spent almost all my childhood in Allahabad so the place was very new for me almost totally new here we needed not to stay in railway colony as we had our own home but the entire way to Rae bareli and before admission to Kendriya Vidhyalaya Rae Bareli I spend my time thinking of Sonal even after all that incidence I used to have some feelings for her but a night before my admission to KV i had a chat with her and that chat felt me like the girl I used to call confused was not actually confused instead she was Miss Ego.




No reply…


“I’m sorry… but that was not completely my mistake and we’ve all forgotten that.. even then I apologize for that ” I typed again I hope of a reply and finally she replied 5 minutes later like she would have searched each word in dictionary.


“You don’t need to say sorry” she replied(if I really don’t need to then for what was that drama for)


“Wassup” I sent my all-time favorite


“Nothing much… look I’m kinda busy ttyl…1” she replied.


“bye” I replied in much of the anger transferable through messenger as possible.


#2 Krishna


“If you even dream of beating me you’d better wake up and apologise.”


Next few days we were pretty good friends until Krishna had his entry in our story he was a tall boy with black hairs and was from some sort of political family his father owned a petrol pump and their family was from one of the landlords but the worst was that he was a topper but why I hated him most was because of his attitude towards me he always liked to show like didn’t felt my presence.

Our real fight started on what’s app class group.


It was very boring evening when girls in the group got with their boring all time favorite message and I hope they had really nothing to do and were sending “Good evening” which was gonna be no good for me and then Saurabh texted.


“Shyam… what happen you’re very quiet… Everything’s ok”


I replied “everything’s all right with me care about yourself boy”


Krishna “hey Shyam you won’t really be fine or get lost”


That raised my temper to highest possible maxima and I replied “Krishna be off the things which don’t concern you”


Then some more of his associates (=friends) jumped in and Shivendra in his very illiterate version of his Hindi send “Don’t really care about yourself see you in class”


I as if boss was talking it wasn’t that bad but when his associate took charge I got a kick from highest of my temper and in great rage I replied “see you shit in the class ”


After that conditions got even worse also to mention here that Sonal and Krishna were good friends and Sonal was too in that group but as reaction to my action everyone left the group and the next part of this story continued in the class next day where the next day was life-threatening and with 3-4 fights finally I rescued myself to go home safely without any major trauma except some small cuts on forehead and left hand.


But this was not my worst conflict with Krishna, the worse one was my worst day at SMC it was the day when marks of our first internal examinations were declared and after getting marks we all bunked classes next day and I as always started playing football which had been my favorite after basketball and I just fired a goal from my right toe which unfortunately after striking from one of the poles of goal post returned and entered the front ground of school as both grounds were very close to each other separated by a narrow lane and hit a girl senior to me but more captivating I like other boys when in group was In quite a bit confidence that she would really do no harm, not even said sorry and just picked the ball even after realizing that the ball was shot hard enough to cause at least abrasion (abrasion in girls is equal to fracture in boys) while I was picking the ball I saw her rubbing her radio carpal joint where the ball hit, her white face turned in pale red her clear forehead got covered with tens of lines going parallel and few of those interlinking each other but even after that I forbid apologizing and the day passed but in the evening just as school was over I along with my four friends was out for a little bit of fun having food together and after eating a burger attended with a coke I was full and so were others so we paid the bill and three of my friends left to home while I had some work at accounts office so returned back to school where I met Krishna accompanied by Some boys who seemed to be of 26 in the school by the way I knew one of them he was Aniket an school pass out and University student and elder brother of the girl I just shot with my fast moving football paying a little bit of attention I found him to be with 4-5 more boys and I had an idea of what was gonna happen but yet I moved on after all young and warm blood never fears anyone and then Krishna noticed me and pointed towards me and I was panic-stricken then the angry brother broke his silence.


“you… aren’t you becoming more smarter then you actually are”


“listen it was just a mistake what would I get by hurting someone”


Krishna jumped in and made the condition worse which I thought to control “Aniket I know this boy well he needs to be taught to play football else mistakes may occur again”


Anger and fear ran through me “listen bro..(I’d have never used this word if I wasn’t in such situation) keep our personal fight a side and I apologize for that…” I said


After that I saw many colors in seconds and I barely remember how I ran from there saving my life when I reached home my clothes had various designs made on it and I needed to buy a new school shirt.


For the next few days I never left from school alone I was always accompanied by few students of my school.

#1 How we met?

(Shyam tells:)

We all have numerous of co incidences in our life so had i…..

it was July 12, 2016 my birthday and also the date after 12 days of i joined class 11th.

So it was like always a rainy day of July through it was my birthday yet nothing was much especial about the day, no one even knew about it before they got a notification from Facebook and as i had no real life friend so i got more Facebook wishes than real life wishes. Facebook timeline posts were like:

“happy birthday”(huh.. it seems rude one or kinda robotic one like ;Print”happy_birthday”.. even then happy that at least i got one)

“happy birthday bro”(slightly updated version of the previous one)

these were the basic types which constituted almost 80% of total wishes i got…. so nothing was actually that especial about the day but everything i saw seemed to be much positive to me maybe i just too much but even then isn’t it quite abnormal or maybe not that a girl (beautiful girl) comes to you and wishes you happy birthday even if she doesn’t knows about you anything more than that you are his classmate studying in 11th PCB as much as i knew about her but yeah i knew i a little bit more about her than she knew about me she was pretty and cool to the extent that she can easily distract any virgin boy she had a beautiful fair face with brown-black hairs and was tall enough to jump and put ball in the basket but most of her beauty lied in her way of talking she talked in somewhat American English which i gotta knew from the way she wished me “happy birthday”, she was extraordingly great In art of receiving attention, meanwhile i didn’t knew her aim until we became good friend she on bit close observation had somewhat pink lips and her eye ball were just as shiny black as deep well if you’ve seen. But finally after 4 hours of distraction my brain was back to place when I got back to study and i just paid attention on the cover of my physics notebook on which my aim was written in much dark color to be noticed and my mind was back to place but i felt like being attracted towards her but it was not before Monday of next week that we talked again and that too on a topic quite professional she wanted me to explain her about “reproduction in viruses” this was among the topics I had best concepts over however I wasn’t that confident that I can explain that as good as I know about it however remembering her good behavior I agreed and the perfect time was same days biology class when our biology teacher was absent and we were in laboratory so we sat in the last of the row and before I would start explaining her she had a confusion.

“By the way before you would start explaining I think it would be better if we introduce each other”

I in much more eager to express myself replied “well I’m Shyam”

“So Shyam what would you be interested to do after you complete your intermediate”

“Well I’ll like to be a novelist” that was what I replied to everyone as I disliked exposing my dreams to everyone.

“by the way Mr. Novelist I’m Sonal Singh and I wanna become a physician”

“Great… so may we continue to viruses”

That way I introduced myself in front of a girl for the first time and that day while using Facebook I searched for her name and as soon I got it I just sent friend request which was accepted by 9pm and luckily I was online at the moment but I had one misfortune that like always I had nothing to say so for the next 2 minutes I was silent but silence was broken when she first texted.

“hi… Mr. Novelist”

I was just speech less but text full and replied “hello… Dr.”

In a second reply came “please don’t call me that ;-0” that is girls always reply when someone gives nickname to them as they do.

“Sorry… Sonal”

“that’s better but you don’t need to say sorry”

And then I replied with my favorite text when I have no other “so wassup”

“nothing much…”

From the reply much of it was clear that she was getting boared and I in bit of the spoiling way replied “aren’t you getting boared talking me”

She replied in a way much unbelievable “what does that means?”

“Nothing… never mind”

“Listen m kinda busy ttyl”



Darkness bebay him, everything was clearly explicit by his exhausted face and

his sick dressing. Looking at him it felt like life is all about taking birth and dying, discombobulations filled all Chambers of  his brain.


His eyes which were often enchanting with hope and were often dazzling were for the first time filled with big drops of tears, nevertheless his behavior conducted not a bit reflection of his circumstances. He behaved like nothing had happened however I guess there was no one in the college who won’t had asked him if he was fine and to most his reply was same that “yes I’m good”, but finally I made him speak the story which disturbed  him after all I’ve mastered some of human reactions.

Shyam told me his story from the very beginning.



Pre Prologue


“Success doesn’t mean absence of failures; It means the attainment of ultimate objectives. It means winning the war; not every battle.”


Here begins my story, my life as I saw it. I don’t guarantee if everything was same as depicted yet I would always be with it. Surely all the incidents were different or had their different impact on other people in my story but it is my story and I’ll write it my way if they’ve problem they can write one for them and yeah I guess almost all of them were ‘English types’.


For readers

I’ve tried to keep this book free from any mistakes yet they might have crept in. Thou I’ve tried to depict all incidents in a simple and easy language but I know my word selection is not as good in beginning chapters yet I’ve improved it in later chapters.

Any feedback suggestions are greatly appreciated.




This is story a story of not much of a character instead an example exhibiting a proverbial moral of life.

I lash out some incidents in the story but I’ve tried to depict them with the original way of their occurrence. Also I’ve prevented mitigating incidents even if it is extreme.

Hope you would enjoy the story.


“You cannot teach a man anything you can just help him discover it in himself.”