#1 How we met?

(Shyam tells:)

We all have numerous of co incidences in our life so had i…..

it was July 12, 2016 my birthday and also the date after 12 days of i joined class 11th.

So it was like always a rainy day of July through it was my birthday yet nothing was much especial about the day, no one even knew about it before they got a notification from Facebook and as i had no real life friend so i got more Facebook wishes than real life wishes. Facebook timeline posts were like:

“happy birthday”(huh.. it seems rude one or kinda robotic one like ;Print”happy_birthday”.. even then happy that at least i got one)

“happy birthday bro”(slightly updated version of the previous one)

these were the basic types which constituted almost 80% of total wishes i got…. so nothing was actually that especial about the day but everything i saw seemed to be much positive to me maybe i just too much but even then isn’t it quite abnormal or maybe not that a girl (beautiful girl) comes to you and wishes you happy birthday even if she doesn’t knows about you anything more than that you are his classmate studying in 11th PCB as much as i knew about her but yeah i knew i a little bit more about her than she knew about me she was pretty and cool to the extent that she can easily distract any virgin boy she had a beautiful fair face with brown-black hairs and was tall enough to jump and put ball in the basket but most of her beauty lied in her way of talking she talked in somewhat American English which i gotta knew from the way she wished me “happy birthday”, she was extraordingly great In art of receiving attention, meanwhile i didn’t knew her aim until we became good friend she on bit close observation had somewhat pink lips and her eye ball were just as shiny black as deep well if you’ve seen. But finally after 4 hours of distraction my brain was back to place when I got back to study and i just paid attention on the cover of my physics notebook on which my aim was written in much dark color to be noticed and my mind was back to place but i felt like being attracted towards her but it was not before Monday of next week that we talked again and that too on a topic quite professional she wanted me to explain her about “reproduction in viruses” this was among the topics I had best concepts over however I wasn’t that confident that I can explain that as good as I know about it however remembering her good behavior I agreed and the perfect time was same days biology class when our biology teacher was absent and we were in laboratory so we sat in the last of the row and before I would start explaining her she had a confusion.

“By the way before you would start explaining I think it would be better if we introduce each other”

I in much more eager to express myself replied “well I’m Shyam”

“So Shyam what would you be interested to do after you complete your intermediate”

“Well I’ll like to be a novelist” that was what I replied to everyone as I disliked exposing my dreams to everyone.

“by the way Mr. Novelist I’m Sonal Singh and I wanna become a physician”

“Great… so may we continue to viruses”

That way I introduced myself in front of a girl for the first time and that day while using Facebook I searched for her name and as soon I got it I just sent friend request which was accepted by 9pm and luckily I was online at the moment but I had one misfortune that like always I had nothing to say so for the next 2 minutes I was silent but silence was broken when she first texted.

“hi… Mr. Novelist”

I was just speech less but text full and replied “hello… Dr.”

In a second reply came “please don’t call me that ;-0” that is girls always reply when someone gives nickname to them as they do.

“Sorry… Sonal”

“that’s better but you don’t need to say sorry”

And then I replied with my favorite text when I have no other “so wassup”

“nothing much…”

From the reply much of it was clear that she was getting boared and I in bit of the spoiling way replied “aren’t you getting boared talking me”

She replied in a way much unbelievable “what does that means?”

“Nothing… never mind”

“Listen m kinda busy ttyl”



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