#2 Krishna


“If you even dream of beating me you’d better wake up and apologise.”


Next few days we were pretty good friends until Krishna had his entry in our story he was a tall boy with black hairs and was from some sort of political family his father owned a petrol pump and their family was from one of the landlords but the worst was that he was a topper but why I hated him most was because of his attitude towards me he always liked to show like didn’t felt my presence.

Our real fight started on what’s app class group.


It was very boring evening when girls in the group got with their boring all time favorite message and I hope they had really nothing to do and were sending “Good evening” which was gonna be no good for me and then Saurabh texted.


“Shyam… what happen you’re very quiet… Everything’s ok”


I replied “everything’s all right with me care about yourself boy”


Krishna “hey Shyam you won’t really be fine or get lost”


That raised my temper to highest possible maxima and I replied “Krishna be off the things which don’t concern you”


Then some more of his associates (=friends) jumped in and Shivendra in his very illiterate version of his Hindi send “Don’t really care about yourself see you in class”


I as if boss was talking it wasn’t that bad but when his associate took charge I got a kick from highest of my temper and in great rage I replied “see you shit in the class ”


After that conditions got even worse also to mention here that Sonal and Krishna were good friends and Sonal was too in that group but as reaction to my action everyone left the group and the next part of this story continued in the class next day where the next day was life-threatening and with 3-4 fights finally I rescued myself to go home safely without any major trauma except some small cuts on forehead and left hand.


But this was not my worst conflict with Krishna, the worse one was my worst day at SMC it was the day when marks of our first internal examinations were declared and after getting marks we all bunked classes next day and I as always started playing football which had been my favorite after basketball and I just fired a goal from my right toe which unfortunately after striking from one of the poles of goal post returned and entered the front ground of school as both grounds were very close to each other separated by a narrow lane and hit a girl senior to me but more captivating I like other boys when in group was In quite a bit confidence that she would really do no harm, not even said sorry and just picked the ball even after realizing that the ball was shot hard enough to cause at least abrasion (abrasion in girls is equal to fracture in boys) while I was picking the ball I saw her rubbing her radio carpal joint where the ball hit, her white face turned in pale red her clear forehead got covered with tens of lines going parallel and few of those interlinking each other but even after that I forbid apologizing and the day passed but in the evening just as school was over I along with my four friends was out for a little bit of fun having food together and after eating a burger attended with a coke I was full and so were others so we paid the bill and three of my friends left to home while I had some work at accounts office so returned back to school where I met Krishna accompanied by Some boys who seemed to be of 26 in the school by the way I knew one of them he was Aniket an school pass out and University student and elder brother of the girl I just shot with my fast moving football paying a little bit of attention I found him to be with 4-5 more boys and I had an idea of what was gonna happen but yet I moved on after all young and warm blood never fears anyone and then Krishna noticed me and pointed towards me and I was panic-stricken then the angry brother broke his silence.


“you… aren’t you becoming more smarter then you actually are”


“listen it was just a mistake what would I get by hurting someone”


Krishna jumped in and made the condition worse which I thought to control “Aniket I know this boy well he needs to be taught to play football else mistakes may occur again”


Anger and fear ran through me “listen bro..(I’d have never used this word if I wasn’t in such situation) keep our personal fight a side and I apologize for that…” I said


After that I saw many colors in seconds and I barely remember how I ran from there saving my life when I reached home my clothes had various designs made on it and I needed to buy a new school shirt.


For the next few days I never left from school alone I was always accompanied by few students of my school.


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