#3 Bye- Bye SMC

“Dad can’t we stay a year more in Allahabad so that I finish my intermediate in SMC” I said


“no son I tried as much as I can i will have to take this promotion they say they have extreme shortage at that post” he replied


“so that means I’ll have to take migration from school”


“I think that is the only option”


“so where will I take admission next year or better I should leave SMC this year and restart my studies ”


“I think that will be a better option” said dad


Next day the news spread like a forest fire in school and friends were on my desk as soon as I arrived in class however teachers didn’t knew it until Yash told them about this in class however I don’t care much for friends or teachers as I don’t had very good contacts with them if anyone I was going to miss was Sonal since it hadn’t spent much time together but how much we did (that is 1 hour of her life 45 min in lab+ 15 minutes chatting) we had good time if we remove what happened on what’s app group I wasn’t sure if she would miss me but I would surely miss her.


I felt like this was the best option in the situation since I don’t had much friends so it was easier for me to leave my school then most of us but leaving school was not that easy after all that was the place where I spent 13 years of my life and had most of my life incidences/co-incidences but finally I prepared myself since this was what I actually wanted I knew that I had spoiled everything so it was better to leave match then to waste balls when you can’t score.


My last day at SMC was a nice one since everyone behaved well even my newly made enemy Krishna did but the only person who didn’t came even once to say bye was the person whom I thought that I would miss the most her behavior made it easier for me to forget her and her pretty face and her dark hair which I never really forgot. The very next day we left for our new destination Rae Bareli which was my hometown but since I spent almost all my childhood in Allahabad so the place was very new for me almost totally new here we needed not to stay in railway colony as we had our own home but the entire way to Rae bareli and before admission to Kendriya Vidhyalaya Rae Bareli I spend my time thinking of Sonal even after all that incidence I used to have some feelings for her but a night before my admission to KV i had a chat with her and that chat felt me like the girl I used to call confused was not actually confused instead she was Miss Ego.




No reply…


“I’m sorry… but that was not completely my mistake and we’ve all forgotten that.. even then I apologize for that ” I typed again I hope of a reply and finally she replied 5 minutes later like she would have searched each word in dictionary.


“You don’t need to say sorry” she replied(if I really don’t need to then for what was that drama for)


“Wassup” I sent my all-time favorite


“Nothing much… look I’m kinda busy ttyl…1” she replied.


“bye” I replied in much of the anger transferable through messenger as possible.



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