#6 Next exam



My life took a sharp turn here after meeting that pretty foreign particle I mean Ayesa for a while I thought like I can handle myself after all she wasn’t that pretty but actually I was deeply lost in her thoughts and I even after knowing that I was going down wasn’t doing much effort to rise it wasn’t very late when I gotcha see first effect of this new addiction it was the very next exam in the new school and examination hall actually worked like a good starring hall for me where I sat on a seat quite far away from her and used to stare at her fir which I actually saved some time by completing my paper before and in some exam I even tried to be hero by doing some silly acts which actually all combined took me in a situation quite undescribable my days went this way and nights on Facebook waiting for her to be online she was often online by 12:30am or so instead of studying that time I used it to look if she is online and to chat with her and everything was getting right but after a week I found like she wasn’t replying to all my messages in this time I made some new friends in my new school one of them was Jackie and he was the only one to know in so detail of what was actually going wrong with me.

School took not so much time to present our results to our parents and the hellish day was coming Saturday when our parents were called to school to collect our results the thing which shocked everyone was my unexpected marks this time not good ones for the first time I crossed the level of 9.0 cgpa and falling from top scored almost 78% even after that I was forgiven without saying a single word since even after being so bad in overall I topped biology and informatics practices and was above 90% in English doing my worst in chemistry accompanied by physics.

Same evening I had a case which put me back on track that night I was sitting with Jackie and at the same time answering numerous of questions asking how were marks but one thing I found distinct was that I found no posts of Ayesha floating on my timeline which was very uncommon so I went in my profile and had a look at my friend list and shock by act spoke

“Finally she did blocked me and it ended, I’m not sure why she did blocked me….”

“Cool down bro… Why are you wasting your time on her, she doesn’t worth your time”

I don’t completely agreed with this, instead after listening to his words lines on my forehead increased and the zigzag ones were straight now.

By the next morning motivations again flooded in me and I was again back in my previous form class again felt my presence that day was completely mine sine no one did answered any question before me and I throughout the day not even played a bit time looking at her.




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