#7 Inert life


Feeling good as just got off this stress and it hadn’t even been a week either and the effect was clear i was out of all mental pressure all my confusions were blown and the only think which mattered me was my success and my ambition which had been faded till date. With all that I got back to a hard life which was scheduled to meet all my needs my day started on 06.00 am and I went to bed back at 01:30 am in between I took a nap from 03:00pm to 04:00pm, my only activities included three activities at most those were physics, chemistry and biology.

A year passed the way I planned and I liked living that way but somewhere within me was someone who opposed this lifestyle a year passed and I grew fat that isolated year changed me completely now no chick would ever distract me and why even one will like I changed from what I used to be a cool boy to a geeky moron but this didn’t actually helped me it took me out of other troubles like the ones which often distracted me like she but not with my performance for what I did all this for, instead because of all this depressive lifestyle it went down my grades of what I was so proud of. I knew everything but even then I failed to get grades in between I rescheduled my daily routine several times like my sleeping time changed from 1:30 am to 11:30 pm and sometimes it fell to 10:00 pm and poorer studies.

At last by the end of year I finally got tired and my motivation failed to drive me then one day after I returned home after attending a marriage party in my grandmother’s house i reactivated my facebook and logged in and check3d each profile to check what I missed and my eyes fell upon Sonal’s account and I checked her profile where I found last post “Sonal changed her profile picture” she really looked pretty in this picture my eyes froze over her face for a while then I looked at her clothes she wore a pantoon color sublimation painted short sleeve t shirt and a indigo denim her eyes looked as beautiful as ever and then I saw the day it was posted on it was November 2016, and for a while I got back to what she meant to me and was lost in her beauty and logged on to wattpad to check her most recent activity that to was depressing as she last read a book in December 2016, for a while I was shocked and afraid as well I just prayed god if everything was all right then I got an idea I opened her wattpad profile and texted her

“are you all right.. long time no see I guess you don’t use this service now a days and it may take a year or longer since you re login and by the time I might have left using this application but if you wish to reply then contact on google plus”

I texted this big message and left it on her but soon my brain caught an idea that maybe she just stopped using all this stuff and she is trying to isolate herself to prevent distraction from her studies and to focus on her studies, this was quite justified and was what I concluded and then I made my mind to get back to my studies as usual, she has always been lucky to me as this time she is just entry of her profile in my life gave me enough motivation that I may again work hard for year and by the time I realized that actually I never forgot her but I was sure that I didn’t loved her I don’t know why but I just cared about her even though I was quite sure that she must have forgot me and this was the feeling that drove me that always motived me to be realized but I had a lot of difficulties that needed to be solved out to be back on track like the one of keeping my brain concentrated and prevent it from getting board but I was quite sure that her memory is enough to keep me concentrated.


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