#5 Crush


It wasn’t that difficult to understand the fact that I’ve already lost my heart but yet I’m distracted by this new caprise for sure I wasn’t distracted for long by her but yet she had ability to distract me for least for one day, surely I’ve recovered from that distractive situation but yet I think of what would happen if I continued being distracted by every new foreign particle in the body (surely parasitic one) so talking about the day the day was a masterpiece in the series of boring ones and date was recorded to be June 30 for sure I will forget the date as soon as I realize that the day was practically of no use nothing was that worse until Vivek came in class and looking towards us shouted “WTF”, I didn’t knew why he reacted that way nevertheless I paid a bit attention towards him and his eyes diverted me towards her (its better to say her “her” because I didn’t actually knew that annomilie girl’s name by then) she was wearing a Green(actually Emerald) gown which looked more like a night suite and had a fair much of a pretty face without any spots or pimples on her face and had pinkish-red lips her face was a fair one with a very little touch of pale.


My attention went and paused for a fraction of a second and my PC hanged graphics cards were however compatible and I was back to sense but for the first time I didn’t had that strong attraction towards any such gorgeous girl and the moment I could think of one and only one young lady(better to say a girl) but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I wasn’t interested in her for half of the time I saw her I kept on praying that she would have opted for biology yet after all that I could do nothing except trying to hide my emotions and prevent any eye or any other contact with her because I was well aware of the fact that this was a kinda dream which could take me so away from my actual target that I would have no way left for a successful return but the magic of her face lasted long as long as a day and I ended all that thinking of Sonal and making a promise to myself not to run behind any girl until I get my aim .


It was now clear to me that I won’t let any girl come in my life that way until I reach my goal and achieve what I wanted but the day was brutal for the first case I was again distracted and then again the incidents took place with me which definitely proved me a clown after being so good for the past few days this time I had my worst of all impression in the school and anywhere else and after facing all this It felt like I was again getting into depression I needed to prevent myself from getting into all this.


But to be true she was very pretty and looked prettier when he smiled and without any hesitation I kept looking her as much as a minute in every ten minutes.





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