Pre Prologue


“Success doesn’t mean absence of failures; It means the attainment of ultimate objectives. It means winning the war; not every battle.”


Here begins my story, my life as I saw it. I don’t guarantee if everything was same as depicted yet I would always be with it. Surely all the incidents were different or had their different impact on other people in my story but it is my story and I’ll write it my way if they’ve problem they can write one for them and yeah I guess almost all of them were ‘English types’.


For readers

I’ve tried to keep this book free from any mistakes yet they might have crept in. Thou I’ve tried to depict all incidents in a simple and easy language but I know my word selection is not as good in beginning chapters yet I’ve improved it in later chapters.

Any feedback suggestions are greatly appreciated.




This is story a story of not much of a character instead an example exhibiting a proverbial moral of life.

I lash out some incidents in the story but I’ve tried to depict them with the original way of their occurrence. Also I’ve prevented mitigating incidents even if it is extreme.

Hope you would enjoy the story.


“You cannot teach a man anything you can just help him discover it in himself.”




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