#8 Re-encounter with Sonal



“hello, Shyam Right”

“I thought you must have forgotten me”

“I almost did. So wassup, what are you doing in here”

“Why can’t I come to an ice cream parlor” I replied almost out of temper after listening her reply

“I didn’t said that, so are you alone”

“no… ca..” A familiar voice came from behind “Sonal you’re here I’ve been looking for you all around”

“Excuse me who is there”

After a bit pressure on my head I remembered it was Krishna

Sonal in explanatory manner said “remember that high school kid, its Krishna”

“Yes that clown who was beaten teasing a senior’s sis right, how can I forget him, I thought he won’t ever return Allahabad after much of insult” said Krishna

My blood went on boil however I controlled myself and replied behaving like I don’t remember him “ Well you look familiar and you know much about me, but I can’t remember you”

“Shyam” called Khalid “dude what the hell are you doing just pay the bill and then we’ll leave, Riya has called me for hundred times” he spoke sitting on his chair

“Excuse me” I said without waiting for his reply turned around and moved

I paid the bill and then moved to the table were rest were sitting all my new friends which involved Khalid, Diya, Shivam, Shubham, Swati and also to mention Angry Girl Riya(Khalid’s girlfriend) who was not there at the moment as she went to give SAT examination in which none of us dared to appear even I had a reason since I am a Biology student and how can a Bio guy appear in Engineering entrance however to be true if I would have been from mathematics even then I won’t have dared to appear in SAT.

All of us stood and moved to Parking where we had our cars parked I walked with Dipti my closest friend as I approached to my car I saw Sonal approaching towards us in a hurry and called my name I stopped or actually froze I was afraid if she started in front of them.

“hey Shyam, we’ve organized a party here’s a invitation you need to come” said Sonal

“Sorry but I’ll leave today, Classes start from Monday”

“Really, which classes do start in last week of June”

“Mine do. I can’t come”

“hey, forget that high school stuff then we were kid”

Dipti interrupted, “what’s that high school stuff Shyam did you had something like your heart broken by a girl or something”

Sometimes here guesses were very accurate like no one else can have; I believed that she had some supernatural power to read people’s brain. I wanted to stop Sonal from spelling all that in front of Diya and thus said “Ok give me the card I’ll come” Almost snatched the card from Sonal’s hand and said “bye” in hurry I sat in car and asked Diya to sit and then drove in hurry as I passed by Sonal I saw Krishna rushing towards her in between Diya asked me about her and that high school stuff which I told her partially hiding my part but as I reached Hotel Galaxy where we stayed since we came to Allahabad and entered in my room which I shared with Diya and locked it I laid on my bed a it had two separate beds and closed my eyes I never thought but that was happening to me again I was again thinking of Sonal thoughts came in my mind like is Sonal in Relationship with Krishna?, had She never thought about me the way I did? And all those useless thoughts I never wanted to be in.

It was now even getting difficult for me to make a decision to leave or attend that party but finally I decided to go there with Diya as she could stopped me to do any wrong.


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